Tips & Advice

Estate planning

A well-organized estate plan will make it easier for your loved ones to live when you die. Depending on your situation, here are the different topics that can be covered:

  • Estate planning: Protect your loved ones
  • Protecting the value of your estate: a priority
  • The insured annuity: for peace of mind and to maximize your income
  • Planned Giving
  • The trust: a very useful tool:
  • The will: don’t leave without it
  • Taxes and death
  • U.S. estate tax

Preparation for retirement

We are ready to answer your questions:

  • What should I do a few months before retirement?
  • How can I determine my life goals in retirement?
  • Am I eligible for certain government programs?
  • How can I measure the impact of my pension plan on my benefits under the
  • Québec Pension Plan?
  • What are the right strategies to minimize taxes in retirement?
  • What means are available to me to protect myself against the risks of inflation and rising health care costs?
  • increased life expectancy, etc.?
  • How can I transfer my pension plan and severance pay?

Business succession:

Marcoux Lévesque Financial Services® has privileged access to a vast network of recognized experts in corporate succession. These specialists in the field of financial, estate and legal planning are at your entire disposal to offer you advice on all the following subjects:

  • Estate freeze, life insurance and family trust
  • The shareholder agreement and the determination of the fair market value at the time of death
  • Assessment of the tax consequences when exercising various clauses related to the company’s business
  • The importance of preparing the succession well (family businesses)
  • Mergers and acquisitions: an issue for Québec SMEs
  • Life insurance for entrepreneurs
  • Reducing the tax burden on the disposal of assets