Life and health insurance

Accessible protections that guarantee great peace of mind.


Several families of mutual funds and segregated funds, and a full range of guaranteed investment certificates.

Business Services

Group insurance (life, disability, medical and dental)


On behalf of the Marcoux Lévesque Financial Services team, it is my pleasure to welcome you. Since 1993, our company’s consultants have distinguished themselves by their ability to establish a relationship of trust based on stability, know-how and integrity. By doing business with Marcoux Lévesque Financial Services, you are dealing with a solid and independent firm that offers you privileged access to most of the major Canadian financial services companies.

Live the Marcoux Lévesque Financial Services experience to the fullest.

About us

Through its founder, Marc Lévesque, and thanks to the trust of its clients, Marcoux Lévesque Financial Services has built an enviable reputation in the field of personalized financial services.

Like you, the team of advisors is aware of the advantages of having a wealth management plan that covers investments, insurance and all aspects of wealth transfer.

Will my current retirement savings plan be sufficient?

With your objectives in mind and by considering the future income from the retirement savings plan in which you participate, we can establish a personalized plan to allow you to take full advantage of an important period in your life.


Estate planning

A well-organized estate plan will make it easier for your loved ones to live when you die. Depending on your situation, here are the different topics that can be discussed.

The succession of your company

Our company has privileged access to a vast network of recognized experts in corporate succession. These specialists in the field of financial, estate and legal planning are at your entire disposal to offer you advice on all the following subjects:

Preparing for retirement

If you are approaching retirement age, you may be somewhat concerned about some of the issues related to your financial situation as you begin this important step in your life. As experts in personal financial management, we are able to respond well to them. Here are the main concepts discussed for retirement preparation and your wealth management planning.